tis Aiko

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Look who did appear on lolrats today! Tis aiko, the special first furkid of our mummy. She has passed aways now, but we still love her. I am silverfawn just like Aiko... I hopes I make it onto Lolrats one day....

Mummy has been very busy lately and has not had time to help us write on the blog. This is bad 'cos mummy promised she would let us blog at least once a week.

In other news, Dora is on doxy for snuffly noses and Geisha has a lump. The boys is all neutered and now live in the big cage with us. I don't mind them so much but some of the other girls are mean to them and we is having lots of fights lately. I am a good girl, I don't fights.

Geisha is going to vetman on Friday, probably to have an operation. I hope she is ok, Dora tells me that having operations is horrible. But Dora nearly died after her operation..

anyways gotta go, mummy + daddy is gonna have all us furkids out on couch while they watch something on the box...

x x x Kohana