more vetman trips

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tis me geisha. I went wif Shadow to vetman today. Mummy is worried about Shadow 'cause her lump is getting bigger and she has been having gasps and coughs. Vetman said she sounded OK and that we wills have to watch to make sure she is OK. I hope she is OK, I love Shadows.

Vetman also looked at my healing wound from my operation. he squeezed it and said it feels good and that I is a good healer. I didn't puts a pickure on the blog, 'cause it doesn't look pretty and everyone knows I is the pretty rat. (tho I is being a little nawtee an scratching a bit of my wound...)

There is still lots of fights going ons in our cage. (not by me of course) mainly wocket and dora being mean to ando. I have also noticed that wocket always insists on hiding one of the food bowls with bedding. I don't fink she realises there is another foods downstairs where ando and hiro hangout.

Ando is really scared of some of the other girls and he runds away from there and hides. Mummy calls him a wussy but i fink she is worried about him. She has been telling wocket off aLOT lately.

Dora is still snuffly and Mummy says she is getting old, (she always calls her old girl).

love geisha