nawty wockey

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Haii. Its Wockey here. I is writing 'cause I in timeout. Everyone else is out and playing with Daddy but I was nawty so I is back in the rat room. Its not really my fault though, I just wanted to play on the ground and check out the kitchen.....

Things have been very busy round our home lately, and Mummy + Daddy have been very busy. This is bad as it means we don't get as much playtimes as usual. Tis ok, because I heard that Grandma is coming to stay when Mummy + Daddy get 'hitcheted". I like Grandma, she gives us LOTS of treats.

Mummy is happy with us furkids at the moment 'cause none of us is sick and the boys are going to be coming to live with us soon and then there will only be one cage for Daddy to clean. I don't know about these boys though - I like to hiss at them between the bars and make sure they knows that I am older than theys are. Kimiko is their sister and she is really annoying. I hope the boys aren't that annoying.

I hears them coming back now, I better get off the pooter and pretend I sorry.. heehee.

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