goodbye to our friends

It has been a while since we posted, and sad things have occurred.

We have lost two of our special darlings,,,,

____(¯`''•.¸ Kohana¸.•''´¯)____

We said a very unexpected and heartbreaking goodbye to our beautiful 'lil red' Kohana on Saturday 8 December. She was only 20 months old. I hoped it was only a urinary tract infection, but it turned out to be much more sinister.

Rest in peace my beautiful 'Lil Red. Go & find our other silverfawn darlings.

As a cute lil baby:


At the park a few weeks ago:

Squished in with all the crew

____(¯`''•.¸ Shadow.•''´¯)____

We said goodbye to our darling Shadow on Saturday 22 December. Shadow came to us as a bit of a rescue/foster, with the intent being that she stayed a couple of months. I tried so hard to resist her charms, because I didn't want to get attached.

She took a bit of intergrating into our current crew, but she was soon best buddies with the other two mischevious blackies in our crew - Kaida and Wocket. Often we would see three black faces, and have to look closely to see who was who.


We soon realised she wasn't going anywhere and with be with us forever. Sadly she developed several tumours including a nasty couple on her spine. In the last couple of months, she had a icky abscess on her face, and then a tumour grew in its place. I felt so sorry for her as she started to wobble and struggle to get around. But Shadow never let it get to her, she continued to have a gorgeous spark in her eye and lived for scritches.

Goodbye our beautiful little Shadow, thank you so much for bringing so much love into our crew. We will miss you so much.



We will miss you both very very much. Rest in peace sweet darlings
x x x x x x

visit to the park...

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Last weekend, mummy + daddy took some of us ratties to the park. It was awwwsum. Kohana and me ran around lots on the grass and loved the sun. Kohana was crazy kangaroo rat and was bouncing around all over the grass. She is way braver than me - she went far aways from mummy.

Shadow had her abscess removed by vetman this week, so she is a bit sore. I am trying to be nice to her. Mummy is worried that the abscess will come back, but I fink it will be OK 'cause Kaida had one once and she is all better now.

This big new thing has moved into our room today:

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I not entirely sure what it is, but Mummy and Daddy have been making lots of noises putting it together....

Loves Kimi

num num num

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**cheerios are good.. num num num**

Me Ando doing the blog today. Mummy is very tired and says only a short blog tonight...

I am good 'cept some of the girls are still means to me and chase me and try and fight me. I know I'm bigger than them all so I don't put up with too much. Mummy tells us off when we is fighting. Geisha is healing well from her operation and no one else needs to go to vetman. (tails crossed.)

Luvs Ando

more vetman trips

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tis me geisha. I went wif Shadow to vetman today. Mummy is worried about Shadow 'cause her lump is getting bigger and she has been having gasps and coughs. Vetman said she sounded OK and that we wills have to watch to make sure she is OK. I hope she is OK, I love Shadows.

Vetman also looked at my healing wound from my operation. he squeezed it and said it feels good and that I is a good healer. I didn't puts a pickure on the blog, 'cause it doesn't look pretty and everyone knows I is the pretty rat. (tho I is being a little nawtee an scratching a bit of my wound...)

There is still lots of fights going ons in our cage. (not by me of course) mainly wocket and dora being mean to ando. I have also noticed that wocket always insists on hiding one of the food bowls with bedding. I don't fink she realises there is another foods downstairs where ando and hiro hangout.

Ando is really scared of some of the other girls and he runds away from there and hides. Mummy calls him a wussy but i fink she is worried about him. She has been telling wocket off aLOT lately.

Dora is still snuffly and Mummy says she is getting old, (she always calls her old girl).

love geisha

tis Aiko

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Look who did appear on lolrats today! Tis aiko, the special first furkid of our mummy. She has passed aways now, but we still love her. I am silverfawn just like Aiko... I hopes I make it onto Lolrats one day....

Mummy has been very busy lately and has not had time to help us write on the blog. This is bad 'cos mummy promised she would let us blog at least once a week.

In other news, Dora is on doxy for snuffly noses and Geisha has a lump. The boys is all neutered and now live in the big cage with us. I don't mind them so much but some of the other girls are mean to them and we is having lots of fights lately. I am a good girl, I don't fights.

Geisha is going to vetman on Friday, probably to have an operation. I hope she is ok, Dora tells me that having operations is horrible. But Dora nearly died after her operation..

anyways gotta go, mummy + daddy is gonna have all us furkids out on couch while they watch something on the box...

x x x Kohana

nawty wockey

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Haii. Its Wockey here. I is writing 'cause I in timeout. Everyone else is out and playing with Daddy but I was nawty so I is back in the rat room. Its not really my fault though, I just wanted to play on the ground and check out the kitchen.....

Things have been very busy round our home lately, and Mummy + Daddy have been very busy. This is bad as it means we don't get as much playtimes as usual. Tis ok, because I heard that Grandma is coming to stay when Mummy + Daddy get 'hitcheted". I like Grandma, she gives us LOTS of treats.

Mummy is happy with us furkids at the moment 'cause none of us is sick and the boys are going to be coming to live with us soon and then there will only be one cage for Daddy to clean. I don't know about these boys though - I like to hiss at them between the bars and make sure they knows that I am older than theys are. Kimiko is their sister and she is really annoying. I hope the boys aren't that annoying.

I hears them coming back now, I better get off the pooter and pretend I sorry.. heehee.

Love Wocket

new rat ..

Today this new rat appeared:

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Luckily he's only a cake rat. Mummy baked a cake last night and today turned it into this! I think he looks quite yummy and hope Mummy will let us have some. I think he's meant to be a gooti rat like hiro, ando and kimi, 'cause we don't have brown rats in NZ.

I am not feeling so good today because I have the sniffles. If I'm still sniffly tomorrow Mummy will take me to see vetman. I am also happy because one of my favourite people came to visit today... aunty sconey! I love having snuggles with my aunty sconey.

anyway no time to blog, gotta go get me some cake!

Love Dora


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Mummy took Ando and I too see Vetman today and he did put us to sleep and did a terrible terrible thing. He chopped away at our boy bits! It is a bit sore, but mummy says that it looks good and that Ando and I will be able to move into the big cage with the girls soon. I guess I don't mind too much 'cause daddy is giving us yummy treats while we is recuperating.

love Hiro


This is the first official post of the new furkids blog!! We are a mischief of ratties that live with our people mummy and daddy.

Here is a pic of us girl ratties all tucked up in our igloo that our Aunty Ree gave us.:

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and here is me guarding the door with Wocket and Shadow:

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I am the black face in the middle. Wocket is on the left and Shadow is on the right. I am a bit worried about Shadow (and I know mummy and daddy are too) because she has a strange lump on her back. Mummy and Daddy took her to vet man who poked a big needle into the lump. Mummy said that its not an abscess like my face lump was. I hope Shadow's lump doesn't grow too quick, 'cause we all love Shadow since she came to live with us.

At the moment, us girls live in a different cage to Hiro + Ando because Mummy doesn't want us to have boyfriends and have baby ratties. I don't want to have baby ratties anyway. Far too much responsibility for me! But Hiro and Ando are going to see vet man soon to have an operation that means they can live with us girls. I will have to teach them who is boss I think.

anyways welcome to The Furkids. You can see all our pretty faces at the side. Even our rattie familly that isn't with us anymore, 'cause we like to remember them.

Love Kaida