goodbye to our friends

It has been a while since we posted, and sad things have occurred.

We have lost two of our special darlings,,,,

____(¯`''•.¸ Kohana¸.•''´¯)____

We said a very unexpected and heartbreaking goodbye to our beautiful 'lil red' Kohana on Saturday 8 December. She was only 20 months old. I hoped it was only a urinary tract infection, but it turned out to be much more sinister.

Rest in peace my beautiful 'Lil Red. Go & find our other silverfawn darlings.

As a cute lil baby:


At the park a few weeks ago:

Squished in with all the crew

____(¯`''•.¸ Shadow.•''´¯)____

We said goodbye to our darling Shadow on Saturday 22 December. Shadow came to us as a bit of a rescue/foster, with the intent being that she stayed a couple of months. I tried so hard to resist her charms, because I didn't want to get attached.

She took a bit of intergrating into our current crew, but she was soon best buddies with the other two mischevious blackies in our crew - Kaida and Wocket. Often we would see three black faces, and have to look closely to see who was who.


We soon realised she wasn't going anywhere and with be with us forever. Sadly she developed several tumours including a nasty couple on her spine. In the last couple of months, she had a icky abscess on her face, and then a tumour grew in its place. I felt so sorry for her as she started to wobble and struggle to get around. But Shadow never let it get to her, she continued to have a gorgeous spark in her eye and lived for scritches.

Goodbye our beautiful little Shadow, thank you so much for bringing so much love into our crew. We will miss you so much.



We will miss you both very very much. Rest in peace sweet darlings
x x x x x x