This is the first official post of the new furkids blog!! We are a mischief of ratties that live with our people mummy and daddy.

Here is a pic of us girl ratties all tucked up in our igloo that our Aunty Ree gave us.:

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and here is me guarding the door with Wocket and Shadow:

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I am the black face in the middle. Wocket is on the left and Shadow is on the right. I am a bit worried about Shadow (and I know mummy and daddy are too) because she has a strange lump on her back. Mummy and Daddy took her to vet man who poked a big needle into the lump. Mummy said that its not an abscess like my face lump was. I hope Shadow's lump doesn't grow too quick, 'cause we all love Shadow since she came to live with us.

At the moment, us girls live in a different cage to Hiro + Ando because Mummy doesn't want us to have boyfriends and have baby ratties. I don't want to have baby ratties anyway. Far too much responsibility for me! But Hiro and Ando are going to see vet man soon to have an operation that means they can live with us girls. I will have to teach them who is boss I think.

anyways welcome to The Furkids. You can see all our pretty faces at the side. Even our rattie familly that isn't with us anymore, 'cause we like to remember them.

Love Kaida